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What is PIR insulation board?

PIR boards are an upgrade more efficient board to PUR boards. PIR stands for polyisocyanurate and PUR is polyurethane. The PIR boards are one of the most commonly used and highly efficient insulation product used in building projects. As you can see from the products above they are PIR insulation boards and while they are from different manufacturers selling the same product they all look a little different. So why is this? This is because they are manufactured differently so to provide the perfect insulation to suit your needs. Listed below are the different types of PIR insulation boards.

So now that you know what boards are and the options available, where can you use these boards?

During your build project, there are a number of places you will need to have insulated. For this particular insulation, it can be applied to flat roofs, pitched roofs, floors, walls or used as cavity insulation. 

Theses boards PIR insulations are placed between two aluminium foil facings. They are available in a number of thicknesses. 


  • Eliminate thermal bridges
  • Easy to cut or shape
  • Energy Efficient
  • Unaffected by air infiltration
  • Resistant to the passage of water vapour
  • Can be used in new build or refurbishment.


  • Insulated sheathing on timber frame or steel frame
  • Insulation between studs on timber frame wall
  • External masonry with timber frame or ventilated cladding with timber frame
  • Pitched roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • Floors



  • 2400mm x 1200mm x (100mm - 150mm)

150 Insulation Boards

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  • Width: 2,400mm
  • Length: 1,200mm
  • Height: 25mm
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