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Micro Shovel R/Point 685mm

Micro shovel. Ideal for use in confined spaces such as the bottom of trenches or shovelling bagged m..

£13.20 Ex Tax: £11.00

ROU66822 Bowsaw 530mm (21in)

Roughneck ROU66822 DetailsRoughneck Bow Saw with a large, thick steel frame which provides excellent..

£11.34 Ex Tax: £9.45

Roughneck Aluminium Landscape Rake 36in

Roughneck ROU68636 Aluminium Landscape Rake 36inAluminium landscape rake for raking bark, wood chipp..

£51.00 Ex Tax: £42.50

Roughneck Bolster & Chisel Set Non-Slip Guards, 3 Piece

Roughneck 3 Piece Bolster & Chisel Set with Non-Slip Guards is manufactured from drop-forged and..

£36.14 Ex Tax: £30.12

Roughneck Digging Bar 14lb

These Roughneck: Digging Bars have a drop forged steel construction with heat treated working areas,..

£44.78 Ex Tax: £37.32

Roughneck Digging Fork

Roughneck's Digging Fork is an ideal garden tool that can help with a range of tasks including break..

£25.62 Ex Tax: £21.35

Roughneck Digging Spade

The Roughneck® Digging Spade is ideal for various gardening, landscaping and building applications.B..

£15.16 Ex Tax: £12.63

Roughneck Drain Spade with Short Handle

The Roughneck drainage shovels head is made from fully hardened pressed steel to provide strength. W..

£21.06 Ex Tax: £17.55

Roughneck F/Axe Fibreglass Handle 1.6kg

Roughneck Felling Axe has a drop forged alloy steel blade that has beenhardened and tempered for inc..

£36.30 Ex Tax: £30.25

Roughneck Fibreglass Cutter Mattock 2.27kg (5lb)

Made from roll forged alloy steel, hardened and tempered and with a black painted finish. It has a h..

£33.00 Ex Tax: £27.50

Roughneck Fibreglass Handle Fencing Maul 4.53kg (10lb)

This Roughneck Fencing Maul is ideal for driving home wooden fencing posts. The large round striking..

£54.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

Roughneck Fibreglass Handle Pick Mattock 2.27kg (5lb)

The Roughneck Pick Mattock has a head made from roll forged alloy steel, hardened and tempered and w..

£32.76 Ex Tax: £27.30

Roughneck Micro Fork

The Roughneck Micro Fork is an industrial grade fork, only smaller, which can be used in confined sp..

£19.20 Ex Tax: £16.00

Roughneck Micro Shovel Square Point 685mm (27in)

Roughneck Micro Shovel Square Point is ideal for use in confined spaces such as the bottom of trench..

£13.20 Ex Tax: £11.00

Roughneck Mini Shovel - Round Point

The Roughneck Mini Shovel has the same head and handle specifications as the micro shovel but with a..

£16.80 Ex Tax: £14.00

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