Plas-Pro - the recycled, premium standard

A decking subframe is the structure that sits beneath your deck, keeping it supported and providing the base that your decking boards are attached to.
The key to a long lasting deck is a well constructed subframe comprised of high quality materials, set correctly in an appropriate foundation.
Plas Pro is Millboard’s premium 100% recycled subframe material and can be used alone or as part of our new DuoSpan landscaping subframe system. This all-weather, durable and flexible material is a non-rotting alternative to timber and is perfectly suited to spaces exposed to damp, such as jetties, pools, roof terraces and boardwalks.

What is Plas-Pro?

Plas-Pro is made from 100% recycled plastic. By using selected graded materials and cleverly engineered processes, Plas-Pro provides key environmental benefits and the assurance of superior quality performance.

Millboard Plas-Pro Structural

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