145mm x 45mm Treated C16 Timber Joist


Product information

Warning: Wear gloves to avoid splinters. When sanding or cutting, it is advised that customers use breathing and eye protection. Avoid inhalation of sawdust. Do not use in contact with drinking water or food. Do not use for animal bedding or in fish ponds. Dispose of treated wood responsibly. Industrial waste should be disposed of through an authorised waste contractor.

  • CE marked

Features and benefits

This timber is slow grown and kiln dried, making it more stable and easier to work with.

  • Treated to help prolong the timber's life and protect against rot or insect attack
  • Strength graded to C16 specification for structural applications

Available in the following Lengths: 

  • 145mm x 45mm x 3.6m
  • 145mm x 45mm x 4.8m
Product Info Width: 145mm Height: 45mm Length: 3.6mCall for more information
01875 898-008

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